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easy sweet potato pie pops

Easy Sweet Potato Pie Push Pops

#ThankfullySweet #CollectiveBias Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday for some families. You are preparing recipes that you have not created in a year (or more) and want everything to be perfect. … [Read More...]

weekend potluck

Weekend Potluck: November 21-23

Tomorrow, we will be headed for sunny central Florida and tonight, you will find me packing like a crazy person. Why do I always wait to the last minute? Any other procrastinators feeling my … [Read More...]

chocolate peanut butter popcorn bars

Reese’s Spreads Popcorn Bars

#AnySnackPerfect #CollectiveBias When I saw this sweet lady in Walmart, it was love at first bite. Reese's Spreads. Oh my! You had me at Reese's. But to know they have come out with a … [Read More...]

turley gourmet apple

Thanksgiving Turkey Gourmet Apple

Many years ago, I realized we were not going to have money to purchase Christmas present for our children. Instead of curling up into a ball and feeling sorry for myself, I rolled up my sleeves and … [Read More...]

oreo cookie balls tin

Holiday OREO Cookie Balls

#OREOCookieBalls  #CollectiveBias My mother always taught me that when you attend a holiday party, you should always take a hostess gift. Typically, I give something made with love from my kitchen … [Read More...]

weekend potluck

Weekend Potluck: November 14-16

It's freezing here in the Deep South. No kidding! Windchill is 21 degrees. Where did Fall go? I'm afraid we are in for a long cold winter. Anyone else feeling my pain? I guess I will be cooking up … [Read More...]

weekend potluck

Weekend Potluck: November 7th-9th

This month is HUGE for our family. Birthdays, travel, and Thanksgiving. And the excitement is boiling over. My children are always wired. It's insane. So, not much is getting done, but I hope to at … [Read More...]

5 simple ingredients turn into one incredible peanut butter frosting

Perfect Peanut Butter Frosting

My Granny used to make the most incredible peanut butter cake. Actually, I think the cake was more vanilla than peanut butter but the icing... yes, it was icing and not peanut butter frosting... was … [Read More...]

Weekend Potluck

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